eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design

The client

AP Kids is the online shop for Apples & Pairs, based in Sherston, Wiltshire. They specialise in quality children’s shoes.

The brief

We were asked to design a new brand identity for AP Kids along with a full eCommerce website with CMS and front end development but on a WordPress platform.

Design | eCommerce integration | photography

After consultation and appropriate market research, we created a logo that reflected the online shop’s intended market position and values. We then worked in consultation to confirm a sitemap and menu structure allowing for all the elements of the store. From here we designed the front end visual values of the shop along with main frame of the website.

In tandem we started the product photography of the children’s shoes, ensuring accurate and consistent lighting and colour representation. These were shot in our studio in Bath. All images were cut out in post production so that we maintained a white background, to ensure a clean, minimal feel to the design – and shopping experience.

product shot of child's shoe

The client was keen to sell through Amazon and eBay and as such we coded suitable plugins to enable them to do this. The client was new to the process of eCommerce so much hand holding took place to ensure payment gateways were set up securely.

Our Work

Including Web design, Photography, Video Production, Marketing Support